Top 5 Maintenance Software for Large Businesses

Maintenance management is an important functional requirement for many companies as it ensures that company assets or equipment supplied to customers are operating at optimal levels, downtime or disruption to production is minimized, and asset life can be extended by preventive maintenance schedules.

This helps companies to ensure that they can produce and develop the necessary products to meet customer demand without having issues with either their equipment or products, and timely response to customer service issues.

In a competitive environment, it is important that companies differentiate themselves on multiple levels, and on-time delivery and customer service is one of the key indicators through which this is determined.

We at ITQlick realize that for large businesses with huge operational bases, maintenance is a key activity which cannot be ignored and has to be managed efficiently. This is why the choice of a maintenance solution is critical to overall business performance.

In this regard, when considering maintenance solutions for large enterprises, we have reviewed factors such as scope of functionality, level of investment in technology, integration with other systems, flexibility to adapt to business requirements, and the ability to meet key maintenance parameters. Based on our review, some of our best recommendations include the following.

1. AgileAssets

AgileAssets offers a maintenance management solution product that focuses on service requirements which deliver high maintenance levels with optimal utilization of service resources.

It includes maintenance planning, integration with GIS for assets location management and assigning preventive maintenance schedules, work order management and warranty information documentation, planning and budgeting, tracking inspections, and asset improvement due to effective maintenance.

AgileAssets is mobile device access ready and is offered both as a hosted and a cloud-based subscription service. An important benefit for large businesses is that it can be easily integrated with other third party software using APIs, and offers expansion options into a full asset management solution if required.

2. BigFoot CMMS

This product includes equipment and inventory management, purchasing, and work order management. It is also scalable for both streamlined and complex maintenance operations, and offers occupational safety and health standard compliance for involved servicing requirements.

BigFoot CMMS is available both as an on-premise and hosted cloud solution, and offers ERP integration options. An added advantage for large businesses is that it offers both preventive maintenance as well as predictive maintenance scheduling through proactive analysis of asset maintenance histories, and recommending maintenance strategies for minimizing downtime.

3. Sprocket CMMS

Sprocket CMMS offers asset and inventory management, work order management, forecasting and capital planning, as well as preventive maintenance and inspections. This solution is available both as a hosted or cloud based subscription service, and is also mobile device access ready to ensure remote maintenance management.

There are a number of reporting options included, as well as configurable KPIs for monitoring service performance, equipment maintenance, and downtime rates.

There is a free trial option available so that large businesses can examine this solution’s compatibility with their specific business requirements, and Sprocket CMMS also supports scalability that supports changing requirements derived from business growth.

4. Maintenance Connection

Maintenance Connection is a scalable product which can adapt to a growing business that also provides APIs for integration with major ERP systems, thus offering large businesses the option to leverage their existing software infrastructure.

Maintenance Connection is available as an on premise, hosted or cloud based service, as well as offering a free product trial, and access via mobile devices. Its features include preventive maintenance scheduling, a maintenance operations work center, work order scheduling, inventory management, and repair shop floor control.

Additional functionality includes a number of reporting options with KPIs and dashboards. This is a scalable solution that can fit large businesses looking for flexible deployment options.

5. FaciliWorks

Faciliworks offers customers a free trial and is available both as an on-premise and hosted solution. Its features include spare parts inventory management, equipment and asset management, service and work order scheduling, service technician allocation and workflow management, and equipment calibration management.

Additional functionality includes validation against maintenance histories, detailed equipment safety procedures to be followed during repairs, and data analytics. Faciliworks is beneficiary for large businesses since this is a scalable product that can address any size of business, is mobile device access ready, and also supports multiple languages.