5 Lead Management Solutions for Startups

Lead Management is the first step in the sales process where a business creates and maintains an ongoing list of potential customers which will eventually turn into committed clientele.

To help this process, Lead Management software is aimed at ensuring ongoing identification, qualification and subsequent marketing to potential customers. This type pf system will mostly benefit sales and marketing teams of a sales-based business that relies on constantly expanding and maintaining its customer base, where there is great importance to ensuring that most leads are eventually converted to future sales.

An effective Lead Management tool is essential for any size of business that wishes to control the sales process and follow up on profitability. Yet, budget is limited when it comes to startup companies, which creates a need for a simple to manage solution that is productive, easy to maintain and cost-effective.

With these considerations in mind, cloud based solutions with zero installation and maintenance requirements that offer a subscription package based on the number of users and the features you need, would be ideal model for this category.

Here are the top 5 Lead Management solutions recommended for startup companies by ITQlick:

1. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM by Zoho is a fully fledged cloud-based CRM solution that offers you all major lead and customer management tools in one tool designed for startups and SMEs in mind. It is a great tool for startups even if they are only focused on lead management initially.

This module will allow you to focus on leads generation, distribution, qualification, and eventually conversion to sales. Benefits include lead lifecycle management that can be customized to reflect a specific business process, as well as multiple capture methods and reporting options.

There is a free trial period available, where the first 3 users of the system are not charged but have limited features. Yet, it is ideal for a startup company who wants to pay the minimum for a solution, or test it before it commits to it.

For more users, cost varies from $12 – $35 per user per month, based on your required features. In summary, Zoho CRM offers a cost-effective solution based on your specific requirements that you can later scale up to a full CRM system.

2. Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM by Pipeliner Sales Corporation is a CRM cloud-based tool which focuses heavily on visual information display.

It provides a complete solution for lead and opportunity management through the full pipeline process. The Lead Management module allows you multiple avenues for lead capture, enabling sales team collaboration for quick lead qualification, effective lead distribution for follow up and sales conversion, as well as customizable lead reporting and 3D BI dashboards.

Benefits include easy customization that allows adapting your own unique sales and lead tracking process within the software to allow you to focus on accurate forecasting and targeted lead conversion strategies. Pipeliner also has an offline mode that allows you to continue operations even when no internet connection is available.

There is a free trial version, and pricing is $35 per user per month. This tool is good for startups looking for comprehensive BI reporting on their leads and sales for the purpose of refining their sales methodology.

3. Applane for Business

Applane for Business by Daffodil Software is a fully fledged Cloud based ERP solution that covers all the main modules of business operations.
The features included in the CRM module allow you to acquire, track and convert your leads into sales in an efficient manner.

Additional ERP modules – Marketing, Operations, HR and Finance can support other areas in your business, a fact that is very significant for startups looking for an all-in one solution for major activities.

Applane for Business is attractive to a startup because it comes free for the first 2 users and is $35 per month for additional users. This way, you are not only getting a solid lead management system, but also all the building blocks for a full ERP solution for your company.

If your startup is already well organized along these different lines, even if you start only with the lead management functionality, this solution can be scaled to the full ERP suite quite easily based on your requirements.

4. Base CRM

Base CRM is another fully designed CRM cloud-based solution that is scalable for all levels of businesses. It offers a comprehensive lead management module that allows you to organize, import and customize your tracked leads.

The process is easy to manage and Base CRM gives you comprehensive views of the number of leads and origin, current position, and information on what is required to make a sales conversion. It offers options for lead capture via your website as well as directly from Facebook and LinkedIn.

Since Base CRM is cloud based, it is scalable in terms of features and business size to match your growth. It offers a free trial and pricing starts at $15 per user per month, where additional features can increase the monthly price to $45 or $125 based on your requirements. It is a more expensive tool and is better suited for startups that are planning an aggressive growth path.

5. LEADSExplorer

Leads Explorer is developed by Engago Technologies Limited and is focused primarily on lead management for your website. This software allows you to identify the origin and identity of your visitors, score them based on the products they visit, alert and track them for repeat visits for email follow ups, and finally analyze visitors views of your site for facilitating in lead qualification and conversion.

This solution can benefit you by increasing leads from your websites while being able to follow up on the visit history of interested visitors. There is a free trial available, and pricing is based on the number of visitors to your site per month.

Generally only one user is needed to manage the software with the starting price of $35 per month and scaling up based on visitors and features required. This is an ideal lead management solution for startup companies who offer products and services that are mainly web based and require that most customer interactions are carried out online.

However, it is not scalable to a full CRM, so it should be considered primarily as a website lead management tool only.